A.S. Petit's curriculum vitae

Übersetzer Französisch Englisch Deutsch Anne-Sophie Petit

I was born and grew up in Calais in the North of France, and my mother tongue is French. I decided to become a translator as I was still in high school. After finishing school, I therefore started studying languages and specialised in translation as early as possible.

My studies and my experience abroad - two months in the USA, three months in Germany, and two years in Austria where I am still living - helped me achieved a sound level of fluency in both English and German.

As a student, I learnt and mastered different kinds of translation, including literary, economic and legal translation during my Master's studies. I was then employed in a Viennese travel agency where I learnt how to translate and develop a website: the translation of websites and texts from the field of tourism have become my main specialisation.

Since 2012 I have been working as a freelance translator and offering my translation services all around the world. I am also a member of the Austrian association of translators: Universitas Austria.

If you have any question regarding my curriculum vitae, or if you are interested in a translation, please send an email to .