Translation of websites

My education and professional experience have allowed me to specialise in the translation of websites from English or German into French. I created this page in order to present my offer and particular translation techniques regarding the translation of websites.

For more information about my educational and employment history, you may also be interested in the pages dedicated to my resume and job references.

Translated directly in the code...

Contrary to standard translators who send you their translation as a word document - which you then have to convert into the corresponding programming language - I translate your website directly in HTML or php code.

This is how it works: you send me the pages that you want to get translated - I will send you the translation in very little time: in the right format and ready to integrate in your website!

A complete service from one single supplier saving you time and money!

... And adapted to the Internet!

All texts that are written for the Internet must follow some specific rules - including the appropriate use of keywords for an optimal referencing.

Thanks to my experience in Internet writing, I automatically follow these rules when translating a website - and thus provide you with a French website perfectly adapted to the Internet!

Tailor-made offers

If you are interested in translating your website into French, please send it to me at . Please remember to tell me which pages you would like me to translate.

I will get back to you in very little time and make you a non-binding offer.